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Our dedicated delivery driver arrives at 5pm every day. When time and staffing permits, we will send deliveries earlier via other staff members to get you your products as soon as possible. Any local delivery orders placed after 9pm will be delivered the following evening.



We can't sing, and we don't have an orchid shop… but here at Myrtle we can curate delicious and memorable wines and spirits selections for your very special day. No matter what your price point, or that one set of in-laws loves Sancerre while the other only drinks oaky Chardonnay, we are more than happy to walk you through the options to find the right bottles! If half the bridal party want a bottle of 20 year old scotch, but the others want an incredible bottle of aged rum, we’ve got that covered too! 

If you want a range of cool liquors to excite your guests and have them raving about the bar, let us know and we will stock you up. Of if you'd like to go beyond wines & spirits, we have a skilled bartending team can work with you on some custom cocktails to add an extra element of fun. We're here to make it as special as you want - but if you're out of decision juice, we can also make it as simple as you want! 

Contact us for a free consultation and tasting, then go ahead and exhale knowing your wedding libations are in very good and capable hands. 


* You receive 20% discount off our normal in-store prices for wine, and 10% discounts for spirits (minimum 60 bottles).


* Unopened and unchilled bottles of wine and spirits that are in sellable condition can be returned for a full refund.


* Free delivery of wine and spirits to your venue. Transportation of returns back to the shop must be arranged by the customer.


* Free private consultation/tasting for couples at our cocktail bar & event space, Vine.