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Our dedicated delivery driver arrives at 5pm every day. When time and staffing permits, we will send deliveries earlier via other staff members to get you your products as soon as possible. Any local delivery orders placed after 9pm will be delivered the following evening.


About Myrtle Wines & Spirits in Brooklyn, NY 11201

Myrtle Wines & Spirits: travel the world, one sip, one glass, one bottle at a time. 

For instance, while drinking a glass of well made grower champagne, you may feel transported to the French countryside, bicycling down a dusty farm road, lush vineyards as far as the eyes can see, the late harvest sun gently warming you from a swift, cool breeze. Or a bracing, mineral Sicilian white may tantalize you with hints of ocean breeze and the soft glow of the Mediterranean sunset.

We thoughtfully curate our selection of over 1000 wines and spirits, covering diverse regions such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Scotland, and many more. We take the greatest pleasure knowing that via our selections we are literally punching the boarding passes for our customer’s palates and imaginations to travel to dozens of appellations and regions all around the world. From New York to New Zealand and every brilliant patch of land in-between. And that includes Brooklyn and the Island: we have got incredible spirits and wines lovingly made right here in our own backyard!

Let’s not forget the winemakers who often toil endlessly to perfect their vineyards; they are our modern day poet-artisans, whole generations of families dedicated to a single goal of perfecting a finished product. Farmers with dirt under their fingernails and smiles creasing their sunbaked skin as they provide shade for the vineyards in the long summers. As such, our selections strive to celebrate them, their endeavors, and their traditions be they organic, biodynamic, sustainable or minimal-intervention (aka: Natural). And by showcasing smaller, lesser-known family vineyards all the way up to the latest releases from rock-star vintners, we feel anyone can find and enjoy a great wine from our shop, at anytime, from newbies to full-blown connoisseurs.

Here at Myrtle Wine and Spirits we are wine nerds, not wine snobs, so your enjoyment of our wines is our top priority as well as our most sincere pleasure.